Faith4Life Church offers education opportunities to equip individuals with working knowledge of the truths of the Bible.

Layperson's Bible School

Layperson's Bible School

Layperson’s Bible School began in the fall of 1981. It was founded by Rev. Keith A. Butler Sr., Founder and Pastor of Faith4Life Church. Its purpose is to give laypersons and lay-ministers a basic working knowledge of the truths of the Bible.

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School of Ministry


Pistis School of Ministry in Dallas, Texas was established to teach the doctrines & government of the church and to train individuals in the mission field with practical training opportunities. Our staff will share their knowledge and expertise in the major functions within the ministry. These functions include the five-fold ministry, administrative functions, music ministry, helps ministry, and international and domestic missions. If you believe you have been called in any of the aforementioned areas, I ask you to prayerfully consider applying to Pistis School of Ministry.

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