What is the "L.E.A.D.E.R." style of counseling?

Pastor Matt has an approach to "counseling" or really any time he is ministering to people personally and helping them with life. He believes that this same method will help you when God is using you to minister to others.

L - "Listen"

ALWAYS LEAD WITH PRAYER - and pause to listen to the Holy Spirit. THEN ask the person "what do you want to talk about?" This time is not for you to offer advice or to stop people when they say something that is wrong. This is simply time for them to share what they feel, what they think and what they believe about the situation.

E- "Empathize"

Empathy is not saying that they are right. Empathy is telling those we are counseling that we care about their feelings, their thoughts and their experience. We may share during this time how we have felt at times if it is appropriate and how Jesus has already dealt with every toxic or negative emotion and temptation that we have. (Hebrews 4:15)
We also know that He cares about every situation in our lives.  (1 Peter 5:7)

A- "Affirm"

Affirming the person you are counseling is all about speaking into who they are in Christ.
Remind them that they are accepted (Romans 15:7), they are loved (John 3:16) , they are special (Psalm 139:14), they are valued (Luke 12:7), etc.
Also search out the "IN CHRIST" or "IN WHOM" scriptures if you need more to affirm them as a person & believer. 

D- "Direct"

Direct someone to what scripture has to say about what they are dealing with. This is not time for your opinion. It is time for you to direct them to scripture specifically.
What does God think? What does God say? ~ then what should WE THINK about this?
https://biblehub.com/ is a great resource for searching scripture.

E- "Enlist"

Do you know anyone who has dealt with a similar situation? Is there anyone else you can recruit to help the person you are speaking to in encouragement and possibly accountability? Do not tell the person you are counseling the names of the people, but ask them if it is okay to share about their situation to those who have gone through something similar. // Proverbs 11:14 - "Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety."

R- "Refer"

Connect them to books, websites, information, music, etc. that you think would help them in this journey. You have already given them scripture to direct their steps, this step is simply giving supporting information as you feel directed by the Holy Spirit.